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Cooling Tank DXCE

Superior milk cooling tanks which provide rapid cooling and gentle agitation to retain milk quality – and come in a wide range of sizes.


Fast, effective milk cooling is the only way to retain optimal milk quality and command the highest milk prices from your dairy. DeLaval offers the best in modern closed tank technology with the DeLaval cooling tank DXCE. 

All the tanks in this range have an oval shaped base with a large cooling surface, so they can be coupled to high cpacity compressors. The tanks have a double revolving lid, which opens either vertically or horizontally for easy tank access. This makes them very suitable for milk rooms with low ceilings.

The DeLaval DXCE range is available in five different dimensions. This allows you to choose the tank capacity that suits your farm best and the right size to fit your existing milk room.

Milk is increasingly sensitive to mechanical impact as its temperature falls, so our agitator blades run at a minimum speed. The specially designed blade layout minimizes air inclusion to avoid the formation of free fatty acid (FFA) in the milk. Rapid cooling – it takes just two minutes for the cold temperature generated at the bottom of the tank to be distributed right through the milk.

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