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DeLaval Master Pulsator

DeLaval Master Pulsator

Designed to fit all types of parlours, DeLaval DMP150 and DMP500 control up to 24 or 80 EP100 pulsators. They can be set to alternating or simultaneous pulsation with a wide range of adjustable rates and ratios.

DeLaval DMP150 and DMP500 provide fully adjustable time-shifted pulsation periods (Rate and Ratios) for stable vacuum conditions and good udder health.

Precise electronic pulsation

Precise pulsation in the milking parlour

Accurate timing of the intervals between changes in vacuum and air pressure is important for rapid milking and good udder health. These changes are governed by the pulsation rate.

The pulsation ratio requires accurate timing too. This is important in balancing the duration of suction and massage phases – essential for the maintenance of healthy teats and quality milk production

Parlour installations

The DeLaval DMP units and the Delaval pulsator EP100 are designed to fit all types of parlours, new or old, high or low line.

Master unit

DeLaval master pulsator DMP150 and DeLaval master pulsator DMP500 control pulsation in the parlour. With built in power supply units, they both drive a large number of EP100 pulsators – up to 24 per DMP150, and as many as 80 on the DMP500. One DeLaval DMP will provide accurate control of pulsation in each of these milking places. Pulsation can be set to be alternating or simultaneous, with a wide range of adjustable rates and ratios. DeLaval DMP thus has the flexibility to be used in milking cows, sheep or goats.

Precise alternating pulsation – four different time-shifted pulsation periods – provides stable pulsation, improves vacuum conditions for the teats and contributes to good udder health.

Compact pulsator with bayonet connection

DeLaval pulsator EP100 has specially-designed solenoids which are easy to clean and simple to maintain. Just twist off, clean and twist on. For minimum wear and low power consumption, this pulsator is low-energy, 12 volts, with vacuum-operated diaphragm valves. The minimal movement of these valves means rapid and precise action and a long service life. DeLaval pulsator EP100 is equipped with a bayonet attachment for easy installation and service.

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