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DeLaval Herringbone Parlour HB50

DeLaval Herringbone Parlour HB50

Better cow positioning, closer to the milker, makes it safer and more comfortable to milk, while increased size of key components has added to the overall strength and life of the parlour.


Excellent cow positioning

DeLaval HB50 has a heavy rump rail and frame. An angled rump rail and staggered kick rail give excellent cow positioning, milker safety and udder access. Choices include feed mangers, a heavier beam frame, front exit or heavier duty conventional exit modules for bigger parlours. DeLaval HB50 has shorter cow spacing than that of the traditional HB30. This means that more cows fit along the pit, and it reduces milker walking distance. Milking between the back legs with an anti-kick rail adds greatly to milker safety. Our standard modules have optional single splash guards to give good cow visibility while providing protection for you and your equipment during milking.

DeLaval HB50 stalling can fit many existing layouts, which makes installation simple and economical. The conventional exit from DeLaval HB50 can fit into buildings that are not very wide, so it is ideal for renovating your existing building. Conventional exit also allows you to install the optional feed mangers for in-parlour feeding of concentrates. Each cow can eat her ration without disturbance – important when feeding individual rations via a herd management system.

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