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Remote Farm Connection, RFC

Remote Farm Connection, RFC

The RFC provides secured networking and Internet connection, while allowing DeLaval field technicians, DeLaval support, and other professionals such as veterinarians or nutritionists to remotely access the farm computer to provide aid, advice and support.

The RFC is indifferent to the installation type, be it ALPRO, DelPro, Standalone Activity System or any other DeLaval system.

Core benefits

  • Secured online connection
  • DeLaval approved
  • Enables remote servicing of milking equipment
  • Enables direct upload of milk quota data
  • Supports upload of cow specific data
  • Reduces costs
  • Help Desk function

The RFC, Remote Farm Connection, provides you with new opportunities in your farming operations. The secured internet connection enables you to reduce your servicing costs, as service technicians can carry out service operations remotely, and to directly upload information such as milk quota data and other reports to the appropriate authorities.

With RFC you get access to a support Help Desk that can answer questions by remotely accessing the data, analyzing and interpreting it and helping to create reports. Furthermore, the optional Antivirus package protects the farm computer from viruses, malware and spyware. The preconfigured router makes sure the network is set properly.

What can RFC do for you?

  • First and for all, and before anything else, The RFC provides peace of mind. We all know that things can happen. The farmer knows that too. But knowing that when things happen, the support can be minutes away, by remotely accessing the Farm's system, analyzing and taking the necessary action is what our customers can expect from now on.
  • While the RFC allows the farmer to access and enjoy the Internet, he will know that while doing that, the Farm's computer and Network are secured and protected from viruses, malware and spyware on one hand, and enjoy stable and functioning local network on the other.
  • From the farmer's point of view, support and advice are not limited to the DeLaval people. He also consults his Veterinarians, Nutritionists and financial advisors. By using RFC, the farmer can grant conditional access to those individuals, for their analysis and advice. Please note that this functionality can have additional protection and security by forcing these individuals to ask for permission for access.
  • When the farmer is away from his farm for a business or for vacation, he can also access his farm's computer remotely. He can do that also from home, or anywhere he is, providing he has Internet connection at his location.

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