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Comfort Start

Comfort Start

DeLaval has added an automatic milking start feature to its range of automated milking equipment. ComfortStart offers improved operator efficiency and milking consistency, as it simplifies the milking routine.

 Core benefits

  • Simpler milking routine
  • Easier cluster attachment
  • Adjustable retraction speed

Milking made easier, smoother, faster

With ComfortStart functionality added to the milking point controller, each cow is milked more easily. The operator's routine becomes simpler, smoother and more streamlined. ComfortStart means the cluster releases automatically and easily and is easier to attach. The rope is released without retaining tension, which speeds up cluster attachment. Milking starts without pushing any buttons. Cluster removal is smooth when milking is completed: adjustable air and vacuum make it simple to adjust cluster retraction speed to suit the requirements of your herd.

Simpler, easier, adjustable – ComfortStart from DeLaval is designed to improve cow comfort and udder health, as well as operator speed and comfort. Upgrading milking point controllers with ComfortStart is a simple and effective way to enhance productivity in any dairy.

The solution is available as an option for existing installations on all DeLaval milking points using the conventional retraction cylinder and is comes as standard in the integrated DeLaval milking point MP400.

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